Our approach

Successful events aren’t based on brain-storms, they happen when every single element comes together as intended.

That’s why we place such emphasis on plans, schedules, logistics and costs when developing a brief (Time-consuming perhaps. But as we’re experts in all these fields, it means you don’t need to be!). Once those building blocks are in place, we’re happy to let our imaginations run riot and apply the hard graft that turns even the wildest idea into reality.

We call this process 'common-sense creativity' – ensuring what’s promised is practical and that the end result matches or exceeds expectations. What’s more, it’s a formula that has served us well for fifteen years now, winning us praise and repeat bookings from a wide variety of clients during that time.

Or to put it another way…

Not by chance and never by halves. Always by design. That’s what makes Canvas so different.


Our success has been honed by years of planning, managing events and serving clients. Here are some examples of what we can achieve. Click on a picture to go to the related gallery.